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Since 1997, the Agency has been helping enterprising businesses, in France and internationally, keen to bolster their strategies, build a brand architecture, define their brand DNA or develop a brand positioning and environment.

Our expertise: to establish brand coherence (via audits, analyses, benchmarks, strategic positioning, trend books) and uniformity across all the tools created by our experts (names, logos, identities, print materials, packaging, boutiques, restaurants, points of sale).

Objective: to create good products, the right product and customized solution … as opposed to just another product. Our global design expertise provides us with a clear vision to develop a customer experience that stimulates all five senses.

Food Concepts are an opportunity to add a touch of creativity or visionary concepts to gastronomic projects. They can be used to define places, services, offers…
We are pragmatic and develop concepts with you. We also provide your teams with the support they need right up until the product launch and marketing stage.
As certified BPI France (Public Investment Bank) experts, we focus on developing realistic and viable business models. “Our clients appreciate our creativity…and we simply love taking on new challenges.”

L’agence de stratégie et de design spécialisée en gastronomie
Brand strategy & design Studio dedicated to gastronomy



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