FoodConcept Expertise

Food Concept involve designing places (fixed, pop ups or mobile) or offers for specific markets. The Agency designs modern food concepts and implements prospective thinking processes on projects from A to Z. We customize our designs with your teams from conception right through to the marketing of the solution.

Our prospective thinking abilities and visions ensure that your products stimulate all five senses.

What is a food concept and for whom is a food concept intended?

Whether you are a craftsman in the food industry, a food manufacturer, a producer or a distributor, our agency is able to create your tailor-made FoodConcept! You can’t imagine your pop-up canteen, your first retail store, your event dedicated to your product launch? Enter our universe to discover our expertise in this field, meet Sylvie Amar and her expert partners to understand that we are the right agency. Since 1997, we have been dedicated to gastronomy, to the world of food in the broadest sense of the word. We are visionary and creative, and above all we are experts in our favourite fields: strategy, marketing, global design, graphic design, architecture, writing, tableware, cooking, pastry, barista, sommelier, photography and video. Each subject is organized in “project mode” to dedicate the best team to the design and implementation of the customer project. No detail is left to chance; whether you want to create a gourmet restaurant, an ethical canteen or a rock and roll ice-cream parlour, we will listen to you and create your audacity.

A proven methodology and professional curiosity

  • Production of trend books in our specialist fields: bakery products, patisserie, chocolate, cured meats, meat, delicatessen products, tableware and table decorations, restaurants (decoration & concepts).
  • Store, restaurant or corner design – all sectors (retail architecture, interior design).
  • Building/overseeing site transformations with partner architects in Paris and Shenzen (China).
  • Art Direction in accordance with the brand book
  • Event organization: pop ups, press launches and influencers, B2B stands

Our passion drives us to seek excellence for our clients in the world of gastronomy.