Global design Expertise

For the past 23 years, we have been applying the global design methodology. Our teams use this approach to convert a strategy into a brand identity, packaging & visuals, or products and services…
Our multidisciplinary expertise guarantees brand coherence and uniformity of tools. We use our global design expertise to stimulate all five senses.

We create good products, the right product … as opposed to just another product.

Well-defined processes to support you

  • We analyze uses, trends, the customer’s environment and challenges.
  • We devise brands and embed them in their brand environment.
  • We define the brand’s DNA (brand values, objectives, visions and personalities) and name.
  • We create new identities – logos, base lines, new ingredients, print & packaging materials, websites, editorial lines for social networks.
  • We produce brand books which serve as overviews for managing the new identity with in-house and third-party teams and on social networks.
  • We create events such as pop ups, press launches and influencers, B2B stands…
  • We organize photo and video shoots, food styling, art direction
  • We monitor how your teams use the tools until they have mastered them and incorporated them into your in-house practices.

From the long term between our customers and our team, a clear idea of loyalty.

Our objective is to make our clients autonomous on executive tools and to fully exercise our creative profession. Once the strategy has been defined (by the client or ourselves), we take a measured step on each defined step. It is our customers who come back to us, with each new need; but we are constantly attentive and caring about the market and sector to which we contribute.

Sylvie Amar is a BPI France expert to carry out Design diagnoses, a first audit that makes possible to define the actions to be carried out together (possible BPI financing).

The questions to which our expertise answers.

What should be the customer experience I need in my store? Do I have to review the interior design of my store to acquire new customers? How design can meet my turnover needs? How the creativity of this agency through designers, graphic designers, model makers or architects can solve my identity problems? Is my digital image consistent with my DNA? How can I make sense of my packaging? How will I regain my leadership position, which is so difficult to acquire, can global design help me? How do I design an image product or a new range that is emblematic for my brand? My strategy and business plan are done, but now how do I deploy my communication tools and really create my brand? Is my product range trendy enough to reach the young people of the Millennium generation? How can I combine use and aesthetics in my products? Can a design agency help me review the color range of my furniture, design the next collection, design my shop or my website?

If you have any such questions, it is time to contact us. We do not claim to know everything and solve everything, but we do claim to have common sense, to solve the problems that our customers bring us and to build the right teams of experts (tailor-made) to deal with the problem.