What food topped the takeaway delivery chart in France 2018: burgers or pizzas?

What food topped the takeaway delivery chart in France 2018: burgers or pizzas?

You may wonder what was the most popular takeaway delivery in France in 2018. Was it a French dish? No, the top three were “pizzas, sushi and burgers”. These three alone accounted for 68% of all takeaway deliveries on the Just Eat France website, that has 8 000 member outlets.

Pizzas remain the leader, followed by sushi and burgers (increasingly premium burgers) with a 15% market share. This is surprising given the nightmarish complexities of delivering hot food when it is still hot. We often wonder who eats hot takeaways? We still haven’t found the figures that will allow us to determine: “how many clients re-heat their takeaways?” and, “What do they reheat their takeaways in?” According to the NDP group, there was a 20% increase in takeaway deliveries in 2018 and this figure is rising (160 million website visitors). The fastest-growing takeaway sales are for vegan food (a 4-fold increase) tacos (3-fold increase), pokebowls (easy to carry and sold through sushi networks), pancakes (1.8-fold increase) and savoury pancakes. Figures for the top three are set to change in 2019.

Deliveries of evening meals are healthy, accounting for 49% of all takeaway deliveries (75% in 2017). The average purchase is €9.70 (versus €7.10 for lunch). Breakfast takeaways started to be worth noting in 2019 along with night time takeaways (between 1am and 7am). The most popular days for takeaways are National Holidays and the day preceding them.

Key figures: In 2016: 1st sushi – 1st dessert Tiramisu In 2017: 1st pizzas, 2nd suchi, 3rd cheeseburgers – 1st desert Tiramisu It takes over 20 minutes for any of these items to be delivered to your office or home. On average a delivery takes 27 minutes.

So what impact does the French takeaway delivery market have on a design agency like ours? One of the specific characteristics of this market in our country is that French consumers buy their takeaways online but eat them sitting at a table. Contrary to British or Southern European habits, the French do not eat on the move. We have therefore designed a special new takeaway burger kit: a box that can be used both to transport the burger, eat it in and store the waste once you have finished. So how does it work? It’s a customizable cardboard cube-shaped box with a perforated lid and skewer to hold the burger in place while in transit – crash tests were conducted using a bicycle and moped. Once delivered, the consumer simply needs to remove the wooden skewer, open the box, put the chips and sauces on one side and enjoy their meal. Furthermore, the box is greaseproof so that you don’t stain your clothes. The burger cube also keeps burgers hot while in transit and the skewer can be used to check that premium burgers are cooked the way the customer wants them (much appreciated by gourmets). A personnaliser from Sylvie Amar & Partners, a registered trademark available from our partner Bag&pack. Want to give them a try?