Opening of the restaurant 56°C

Opening of the restaurant 56°C

When the chef of Les tantes Jeanne, Octave Kasakolu, introduced us to Mr Demirsal in 2018, we were far from guessing the concept we would create together. This food concept was born this week, within the extension of Vélizy 2, the shopping mall in the western suburbs of Paris. We have created a meat restaurant, called 56°C.

What about the extra cooking time in the restaurant ? Let’s talk about it !

But why is this restaurant called fifty-six degrees? Because 56°C is the temperature for cooking extra rare meat. And as my friend Bruno Goussault would say, it’s the right temperature !

The executive chef Octave K. signs the menu of this new living space with a true philosophy. Work and cook the product to magnify it, and to make discover unusual dishes in all simpleness. So we have a beautiful menu of matured meats, without forgetting to make the most of vegetables… Puree smoked with beech wood, or crunchy vegetables that go with meat pieces (and not just traditional french fries !). And of course, vegetarian dishes and fish are mixed with the menu (we don’t forget anyone !). Let’s not forget then delicatessens to share and homemade desserts !

I invite you to come and taste Octave K’s dishes, at 56°C, every day for breakfast, lunch, snacks, aperitifs or happy hours or dinner, and above all specify that you come from me ! Olivier, Alexandra and Sébastien will welcome you. You will find the full menu on the spot and an extract of the offer on the website.

The restaurant 56°C

Three spaces are characterized : deck, mezzanine and loundge (to privatize for a birthday or a live game) and dominate the area of this new extraordinary bubble). A real gourmet break in the shopping centre.
This meat house and wonders of the vegetable plot is a real brand creation that we are signing today : naming, identity, decoration, website, uniform, press kit and photo shooting has kept us busy over the last six months !

Vélizy shopping centre 2 – 2 av. de l’Europe – 78140 Vélizy-Villacoublay (near the UGC cinema)