Launch of Whey for sports enthusiasts with AlterNutrition

Launch of Whey for sports enthusiasts

Sylvie Amar & Partners is continuing to develop new product ranges for AlterNutrition, the company specialising in organic whey and other vegetal-based proteins (all certified 100% organic).

Discover today AlterNutrition’s new range of products for sports enthusiasts as well as their 4 new protein mixes.   All AlterNutrition’s products are 100% organic and produced in a way that causes no harm to the planet, animals or even ourselves. Alternutririon keeps its ingredient lists short, an approach that we really love.  It’s easy to check out or try their products as they are available from the Biocoop (over 300 stores in France) and online from their webstore.

Check out our new designs and try out the new recipes!