Fine pâtisserie!

Fine pâtisserie!

December 8 promises to be a marvelous day for Sébastien and Barbara Serveau and all those gourmets living to the west of Paris.  It marks the opening of their patisserie and chocolate shop.

Yes, you did read this correctly.  The shop isn’t in Paris, but in Greater Paris… In Versailles to be precise, at 16 de la rue Royale!


Sylvie Amar & Partners have worked with and been following Sébastien Serveau’s achievements during the course of our respective gastronomic adventures over the past 10 years.

As both a chef and pâtissier with 25 years’ experience, he has left a mark as a pâtissier at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, at the Costes Group, the Alain Ducasse Group and at Dalloyau.

At the beginning of the year, he came to our design studio to ask us to help him design his own brand and to assist him with the launch of his new venture: oh what a great day that was!

Despite the hurdles we had to overcome this extraordinary year, our multi-disciplinary team weathered the storm and we shall be opening in a few days time.

I must thank my loyal team, especially Capucine, Claire, Jeanne, Josephine, Emeline and Océane in particular, all of whom have been crucial parts of this gourmet project.
We were tasked to work on the brand’s strategic positioning, name, identity, packaging and the boutique itself. Just the kind of FoodConcept we love!

The name “Pâtisserie Fine” pays tribute to Sébastien’s sweet creations. Subtle, light, not too sweet, harmonious…flamboyant, the words fail us when trying to describe them, you really need to taste them.


I’m tempted not to say too much in this newsletter, as I’d rather leave those who choose to visit this little gem in December to remember their first taste. The boutique is a showcase into the world of patisserie and chocolate with shelves bursting with a whole host of delicious delights. Christmas is fast approaching, so let’s keep a few surprises up our sleeves.  We’ve been waiting for this moment for so long that surely we can wait a few more weeks to unveil the project in full in our next Newsletter? 😉

Pâtisserie Fine

16 rue Royale

78000 Versailles

Open from Tuesdays to Fridays 10h-13h and 14h30-19h,

Saturdays 10h-19h and

Sundays 10h-13h