Toinou, fine grocery & sardines

Fine grocery & sardines

Toinou l’épicerie

In this marketing era, given the need to reconcile physical in-store with online custom, Toinou, the well-known oyster supplier, has added some new finishing touches to its online fine grocery store. It markets the “Toinou L’épicerie” brand that we created 3 years ago, featuring the packaging we designed for soups, croutons, mustard and the most delicious sardines! This new brand turned out to be a huge success. So this year, we have printed the designs directly onto the tins themselves in homage to the sardine… For those of you who live in Marseille of course, but also for those of you based elsewhere.

Thanks to this online store, you can order the sardines wherever you may be in France. I just want to take a minute to tell you about the four different flavours as they are absolutely sublime: olive oil, sesame seed (our favourite), acar (a southeast Asian pickle) and lemon! Take a look at the graphics either in their actual or online store and don’t forget you can actually sample them too with just a few clicks!

Sustainable fishing

It’s important to note that our sardine supplier only catches the sardines in the right places. And at the right time of year. He is a great believer in sustainable fishing and keen to preserve the ocean’s riches. He therefore observes the reproduction cycles. So, just to give you the full picture, this batch was caught by the ship NewLook and canned in Brittany. This process means we need to reserve catches a year ahead of our requirements to ensure the canning factory can fit us in. Over the past few years, the sardine has become a precious food once again. So make the most of these and enjoy them as they are in short supply!

And, to reward loyal customers in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence and complete the brand image for this producer from Marseille’s Vieux Port’s (since 1956), we are about to launch a new useful toolkit for eating seafood. In fact, it’s breaking news.

Toinou, a great expertise

It happens that Laurent Carratu (Toinou’s son, who took over the brand) is highly skilled at selecting seafood. In fact he is equal to none. At every one of our meetings, he introduces us to a new product, producer or recipe designed by the team. And their know-how is vast. So much so that I look forward to each visit with delight.

We therefore designed a small case, that you can buy as a gift for yourself or your friends. It contains a set of forks for eating oysters, spoon-shaped implements for eating shellfish, and spiked implements for eating whelks. The implements are packed into a wooden tube. So that they can be stored easily in a kitchen drawer and look good on a table. We always try to think of everything ! But let us know if you feel anything is missing from this collection and we’ll do our best to incorporate it.

I very much encourage you to check out these new fine grocery packs on the Toinou site. And to order a platter of seafood for those of you lucky enough to be in the South of France.