Brand Books, unique brand platforms!

Brand Books, unique brand platforms!

The Brand Book has become a particularly useful tool for brands during these difficult times.  They help make brands more sustainable.  Remember that brand books embody the very essence of a brand, its identity and operating environment.  They serve to develop a consistent style and messaging, to manage teams and reinforce the brand’s reputation.  In other words, brand books cover the entire brand platform and graphic charter with a dusting of vision.


We at Sylvie Amar & Partners, are producing more and more brand books and brand platforms for our food clients as everything is becoming a brand today: specific varieties of potato, scooters, socks, oven-baked feta dishes, drivers, singers, farmers, etc…  Each one sets out its values, a mission, its vision of the world.  Each one wants to create bonds between its values and those of its tribe of followers as brands jostle on social networks to attract and win over new recruits.  Brand differentiation factors are becoming smaller and smaller so our teams must work to find, and leverage, what it is that makes your brand unique.  Through the brand platform and associated workshop sessions, we ensure there is complete harmony between a brand’s entrepreneurial objectives, competitive analyses and position mapping in order to define a brand name, baseline, DNA, identity, editorial line and visual style.


Every brand needs reference points and a clear vision, particularly since BtoB markets also flirt openly with BtoC markets, in order to create a combined BtoBtoC.  Online and international markets have also pushed many business operators (BtoB) closer towards consumers (BtoC) without fully understanding the boundaries and constraints of this market. Many brands need to review their platform and to define ‘a brand’ that is aligned with ‘their values, what makes them special and their editorial line’.


Our Agency is commissioned throughout the year by senior management or marketing departments to design or review their brand platform (from SMEs to CAC40 listed companies).  Since we genuinely have full 360° design skills, we are often asked to produce the full brand book, but sometimes simply updating a brand platform can be beneficial as it can be enough to boost confidence and clarify vision!


Over the past 10 months, we have handled several brand platforms for rabbit meat producers, fruit & veg delivery services, Indian food producers, patisseries, bakeries, drinks producers, a coffee shop…  It’s a unique business model that means that nothing in a brand’s universe is overlooked.  Do you have a project you’d like to share with us?