Ever since she graduated from the Parisian ENSCI-Les Ateliers design school, Sylvie Amar has sought to produce strong and compelling designs. She manages to both challenge and convince her clients through attention to detail, being sensitive to their needs and adopting a novel approach based around the 5 senses and her vision of the 21st Century’s intangible heritage.
She has a truly global outlook, travelling the world to analyse different cultures and sample local produce so as to harness these factors for reuse in her creations.  Today, designer and brand strategist Sylvie Amar has welcomed her husband and chef, Cyril Mouret to the Studio, forming a truly unique partnership that offers outstanding global design services.


Located in the heart of Paris’ gastronomic district, the Studio employs a wide range of talents specialising in brand and product design, retail architecture and brand strategy development.
The Studio specializes in every type of food concept and is equipped with a semi-professional cooking lab, graphic and photography studios and a co-working facility.  Sylvie Amar Studio can manage the needs of hotels, restaurants, or the catering and F&B industry worldwide.

What is global design ?

Sylvie Amar Studio has been using a creative, all-inclusive and international approach called global design for the past 22 years.  This concept involves designing a product, service or space while bearing in mind the surrounding environment and major cross-border or multi-cultural issues.

When developing a new brand or product, it’s essential to incorporate the client’s experience into this approach.  Our global design concept allows us to encompass their experience at every stage of the process.

Our global design methodology also allows us to compile a list of requirements (financial, human and technical constraints), and identify the type of expertise required, anticipate needs and design compelling products.  Over 260 clients (from France, Japan, Thailand, USA, China, the UK and Cyprus) have chosen to commission us and our methodology to implement their development / repositioning projects.

Our team of experts comprises brand strategists, interior designers, product designers, graphic artists, chefs and we regularly employ the services of pastry chefs, wine experts, baristas, barmen, maitre D’, international marketing consultants, copyrighters, decorators, design & engineering consultants, fitters, web designer and developers.


We are experts in research design and diagnostic research studies for BPI France

Research design is form of support and consultancy service provided by design professionals.  It involves analysing information and assessing a company’s market and positioning in order to devise a strategy that is in line with its market and needs.

Research design services are particularly useful when management need to confirm their brand strategy and/or development, their communications or innovation projects.

BPI France offers small, medium and intermediate sized companies (<2000 people) financial support to employ the services of a research design professional.

Our vision is branded design