Glaces Zéro Degré or crazy iced adventure

Glaces Zéro Degré or crazy iced adventure

Have you seen our latest food concept? It’s a crazy iced adventure involving two catering professionals from ‘Les Rouquins’ and ‘chez Guilia’ in Paris’ 14th district (Collège Culinaire de France). Richard and Serge basically decided to take the plunge and open an ice-cream parlour in Paris.  But not just another ice-cream parlour with the usual cornets and pots.  No, they developed a store concept around the PacoJet!  Have you heard of that amazing little device used by many of the world’s top chefs?  Of course, you have! Whenever you eat one of those sumptuous iced quenelles in a top restaurant, generally it has been made using a PacoJet.  So why do they want to make ice-cream in a matter of minutes, when the usual method works well and the ice-cream can be displayed in boxes in a freezer… why go to the trouble of opening a boutique in the heart of Paris just before the start of the summer… why bother putting together a dream team to work on this project?  Why all of this?  Simply to produce the taste of ice-cream that we love and can’t find anywhere else.  To transform a simple product into the most breath-takingly creamy ice, served at just the right temperature for eating and to enjoy the renowned creaminess of a PacoJet ice-cream, which is equal to none. You have to taste it to understand what we mean.  Sorry, so basically now you’re going to have to go and try it.  Their boutique is at 13 rue de l’ancienne comédie, in Paris’ 6th district.  And now of course you understand that at ZéroDegré, the ice-cream is not frozen, but at …0°C, the ideal temperature for melting in your mouth…  There’s a choice of ten absolutely delicious classic flavours.  Céline and Paroma are on hand, from midday to midnight, at their PacoJets to make your ice-cream to order.  Simply amazing.

So, what about the cornets, I hear you say?  Well, no corners have been but over them either.  They’re all home-made (and gluten free to boot) and made in front of you!  

This is a food concept that will delight the young and old alike, wanting to enjoy natural products without additives. There’s no need to cut corners on treats as these are made from seasonal produce with no waste or nonsense.

Oh, and I almost forgot the cherry on the cake.  A chef will be invited to develop their 11th flavour.  So far, the selection is from William Ledeuil and includes Wasabi or white chocolate ice-cream… which you can mix with a red fruit or raspberry sorbet… simply sumptuous!

So, which of our partners was responsible for what? Responsible for naming (finding a brand name…) were Cyril, Keiko, branding (designing a brand identity, logo, brand image…) were Maeva, Audrey, Maxance, Maxime and art direction  (decor, visual line , photo and video shoot…) were Edouard, Charles, Paroma, Camille, Adèle, Grégoire, Yohan and Valérie. Richard was the project manager who got this much awaited new food concept rocking and rolling! And the good news is that the boutique is now open…so make the most of it and go and enjoy an ice-cream.  The weather’s ideal, isn’t it? 

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