The awakening of the Combier Distillery 1834-2019

The awakening of the Combier Distillery 1834-2019

There are days when talking to a stranger on a tram can lead you two years later to designing the brand strategy for the oldest distillery in the Valley of the Loire. Life is made of encounters, a desire to share a way of doing business and decision-making.
Today, we are proud to introduce to you our new working relationship with Franck Choisne and his
staff, for the Combier Distillery: brand strategy, brand architecture, definition of DNA, writing, definition of brand universe, of identity, of photo style…the mission is important and a real challenge just the way we like them!

The Combier Distillery has been around since 1834: when we take on such a brand of such heritage, we put on our kid gloves. The whole team has analysed the data, explored the archives, discovered the first labels, questioned the historian archivist, visited the site, interviewed the experts…in order to validate the worth of this majestic brand. The sleepy Combier is now slowly awaking thanks to our intervention: new identity, new logo, precise colours, stabilised brand universe, and the product line of the latest creations will finally come to light.
What is a distillery? They are plants, fruit and/or flowers which are either instilled or macerated and which pass through a still to obtain a distillate. The one of Combier is the original (1834) and is still working today.

In this copper still, which is so recognisable and identifiable, syrups and spirits flow out thanks to the master distiller and his teams’ know-how..
For the anecdote, Jean-Baptiste Combier started up his work in distillation in order to fill his chocolate bonbons in 1834 in Saumur right in his own confectionery. The company stayed a family business until 1935, then it was taken over in 2000 by the current owner and master distiller Mr. Choisne, who is a genuine passionate and talented creator of new spirits/liqueurs.

A living heritage company, Combier isn’t only a distillery, but a signature: their own plantations of absinthe, roses, elderflowers, blackcurrants, raspberries, blueberries, wild peaches and strawberries are grown around Saumur which these days make up a part of the production needed for the distillery.
Today, these craftsmen are working on the contemporary creation of new spirits/liqueurs such as gin or crèmes, while taking into account the local production for an international market already in place.

You will have understood that the distillery is a wonder of discoveries, an attractive brand, a history
which makes Asian distributors dream; it continues to produce a quality of flawless products and the latest creations.
It took us six months to put together this lovely Brandbook with our team and partners (thank you Georgina!)
This month, the new identity has been officially launched with the 20 craftsmen who are part of the company and now we are really busy with photo shoots, secondary packaging, the coordination of sales tools…for the real life of the brand on a daily and executive basis.

I wish Combier Distillery a long new life.