The Sylvie Amar & Partners marketing strategy & design Agency has been specializing in gastronomy in France and internationally since 1997. Founder, Sylvie Amar manages the Agency and its teams with skill, efficiency and audacity to deliver a wide range of expertise to F&B and hospitality businesses as well as catering and food professionals specializing in gastronomy.
We are master craftsmen in our own field, tailoring quality services to meet every client’s specific needs.
Our structure is unique in that our teams are comprised of top experts in their own specialist fields, who either work hand in hand with us, or independently for us.
Our strength lies in our ability to understand the specific technical aspects of each field and our keenness to explore new fields.
We are an agile Agency, setting up project teams to order, to provide the creative flair required to meet your every need.
Our objective is to promote cross pollination wherever possible to make business stronger.

Sylvie Amar & Partners,
a unique brand strategy and design agency made up of talents :

Brand strategist
Project manager
National & international marketing expert
Designer writer
Public relation & event expert
Product design
Graphic design
Decorator & Scenographer
Sound & Light Expert
Barista, bartender
Maître D
Chef & Pastry Chef

Our clients


We are experts in research design and diagnostic research studies for BPI France

Research design is form of support and consultancy service provided by design professionals.  It involves analysing information and assessing a company’s market and positioning in order to devise a strategy that is in line with its market and needs.

Research design services are particularly useful when management need to confirm their brand strategy and/or development, their communications or innovation projects.

BPI France offers small, medium and intermediate sized companies (<2000 people) financial support to employ the services of a research design professional.

Our vision is branded design