Strategy & Visual Identity for Comatec

Strategy & Visual Identity

Sylvie Amar & Partners totally redesigned the new catalogue for eco-responsible packaging and disposable tableware specialists Comatec, as well as the way in which they presented the different packaging materials.

This small business employing around 30 people in the Aude region of France, which manufactures 90% its products in France, had been wanting to update and revamp its catalogue since 1994 to make it easier to consult thus improving the customer experience.

Now, it’s mission accomplished!  Sylvie Amar & Partners created new graphics for the catalogue to make it much more eye-catching and easier to read.  The Agency also restructured the content, so that it is much easier to navigate around the new packaging materials.

Caterers, restaurants and Out Of Home food providers have a wide choice of packaging materials to choose from for the goods they package, deliver or supply via Click & Collect.  The choices they have to make are complex and new legislation hard to understand (and keep track of!).  For over 20 years, the Sylvie Amar & Partners Agency has been advising clients as well as designing and selecting packaging to meet specific customer needs. Burger, soup or sandwich boxes or meal trays all have different requirements.

As a global design agency, we are able to understand these needs and to design a catalogue that presents goods by type of material and in a way that makes the information easier to digest!

For Comatec, we went one step further by offering to create a new system for referencing materials called PlanetScore.  We rated each material with the help of Comatec teams, using 10 different criteria: production process & location, recyclability, compostability, reusability, carbon footprint, waste treatment and recovery, the existence of recycling chains, management and quality, societal impact, and growth or extraction methods.  Each material is attributed a rating (A to E) based on the origin of the material.  The aim of this referencing system is to help the customer and their end clients to make better choices and environmental commitments.  The PlanetScore index was developed solely for use by Comatec with its materials.  Their objective is also to use these ratings to help them improve their materials over time and to challenge packaging industry practices.  Today, packaging choices should reflect your environmental commitments, but before PlanetScore, how could you do this?

It will be very interesting to track its performance.