Brand Strategy – Brand Identity – Packaging

Brand Strategy – Brand Identity – Packaging

Mavrommatis – brand amplification

The Studio devised a new identity for the Mavrommatis restaurant and fine grocery.

We amplified this well-established Parisian gourmet brand’s identity and visuals. We created a new insignia for this 40-year old brand, modernising the logo and website, creating a style book and graphic charter, developing own-brand packaging, selecting tableware and designing food and wine menus, devising Christmas campaigns, catering services catalogues and lunch trays.

La caveCatalogue coffret repas
Studio Mavrommatis

« Sylvie Amar’s global design approach involves taking the time to listen to what everyone has to say »

« Sylvie Amar’s strongest quality is her ability to immerse herself seamlessly into your corporate culture and brand identity to extract all the information she needs to establish her own vision and come up with a solution to your requirements. »

Andréas MavrommatisChef and Founder of Mavrommatis