Partnership, commitment and loyalty for the IdFood competition

Partnership, commitment and loyalty for the IdFood competition

Sylvie Amar & Partners agency is partner for the second consecutive time of the IdFood competition ! The Ile-de-France Region’s Innovation competition organised by the….. (No we no longer say CERVIA, the name has been changed !) by “Île-de-France Terre de Saveurs”.

This competition takes place every 2 years. Since 2008, the Region has been in charge of the organisation, process and communication. This gives 349 innovations that have been highlighted, 264 companies supported, 26 winners awarded and who exhibited at SIAL on the region’s stand !

But since the 2018 edition, le Club des Partenaires has been created to give everyone an additional financial endowment. This endowment is collected among the partners and shared equally among the 5 laureates. We know that launching new products or services is complex especially at the end, there is always not enough to make a video, a home, a text or a website. We want to fill this gap by helping them again in this new 2019-2020 edition.

Sylvie Amar supports the IdFood competition

“The agency supports project leaders, entrepreneurs and their innovations completely Food !! We also offer half a day of free consulting to the five winners : strategy, identity, naming, advices… So that all the chances are on their side, the competition is harsh in the food industry. We should know something about it !
The project will be officially launched in November, but we anticipate with the meetings of the Partners Club that we initiated in 2018. It also allows us to establish contacts with the other partners (InvivoFoodTech, MRS, KissKissBangBang, Keyfood, Crédit Mutuel, Zenchef, Alimentation Générale, ToGoodTogo).

This project allows us first to be as close as possible to the candidates, then to follow the evolution of the jury in their choice of finalists. And, of course finally to support the project leaders with ÎledeFrance Terre de Saveurs (ex Cervia. An impressive Hub for food innovation in our beautiful region and a network to know !). Who is expanding the Club des partenaires and increasing its reputation in Ile-de-France ? Welcome to all leaders who want to join us !