No smokescreens for Alternutrition

No smokescreens for Alternutrition

Word of mouth is very efficient at the Novapole business incubator. Our client, Vegesens told their lab neighbour all about their marketing and design experience and this led us to develop a great new case study and meet a couple of very unusual entrepreneurs. Alternutrition is a company that was founded 3 years ago by amateur sports enthusiasts Nadège and James Thompson, who were keen to find out what was actually in the proteins that they were eating… it’s not always easy to understand ingredient labels, designations or other nutritional information. However, after an in-depth study, they realised that organic whey (the milk proteins) was not organic at all, so they decided to set about creating a 100% organic whey product in France. They left everything behind in La Réunion to set up Alternutrition in Corrèze in 2016. Today, over 200 outlets stock their products across France.

In 2018, after conducting a design diagnostic and competitive study (financed in part by the BPI), we advised these young entrepreneurs to diversify both their target audiences, product uses and also to review their brand identity to reposition the brand. This highly sports-oriented brand was having trouble attracting multiple audiences and appealing to so-called “organic” and other vegan or flexitarian distributors. Our proposed strategy was to broaden consumption opportunities to encompass current and future uses of the product, and more importantly to give the brand a whole new look (logo and packaging).

All good brand strategies consider a client’s human, financial and technical/technological resources. We therefore tailor our approach to each client’s needs in order to create sustainable brands. With Alternutrition, we adopted a hands-on approach to help them understand how to exploit their new marketing positioning and create performance indicators that were in line with their activities. Simply issuing recommendations without explaining why such an approach is necessary is not a part of our DNA. Our objective is to show our clients how to be autonomous, make their own choices as well as produce goods and manage their positioning. We then build on this by creating a sales strategy to position products and lastly, add a touch of art direction to convey their messages via images as opposed to words.

During each key phase, such as the launch of a new product, new product referencing, or creation of new packaging, we remain on hand to answer questions, and anticipate all the factors involved on a commercial, managerial and/or entrepreneurial level. With Alternutrition, we provided only limited support. We changed their logo to make it easier to understand and highlight the nutritional alternative this brand has to offer sportspeople (their initial logo played on the French meaning of the word ‘alter’, which means ‘dumbbells’ and featured weights in the logo). To help broaden their target audiences to include the food sector, we worked with them to develop new values, a full graphic charter and editorial line (website and social networks) to cover the descriptions on the packaging. Now, their new ‘bar’ products can be incorporated easily into their newly structured product range.
Just for the record, these two entrepreneurs originally commissioned us to design the packaging for their new bars, but it turned out they didn’t know how to “market” them, or under which identity, or whether to create a different brand…. After some discussion, an audit and analysis, we understood that they had a very interesting competitive advantage which was worth promoting. It is rare to find 100% organic products in France without any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. We know that new consumers are keen to know the origins of the products they buy and Alternutrition are totally transparent in this respect!

In the end, our teams reworked their logo and symbols, redefined their identity, baseline, photographic and copy styles, redesigned their website, created flyers and kakemonos and above all, produced new packaging. We restructured their product ranges to be of appeal to retail outlets, we improved their product descriptions to make them sound more appetizing and used attractive colour codes to appeal to consumers; we compiled a library of photos, logos and new packaging. These products are now referenced by Biocoop – so it’s very much, mission accomplished!

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