New identity for wine bottle with Creative Brunch

New identity for wine bottle

Brunch Créative approached Sylvie Amar & Partners to design two visuals for Gérard Bertrand’s new wines, the ‘Sphère’ and ‘Hérésie’. These two brands are new additions to his catalogue of Languedoc and Roussillon wines from his 15 châteaux, wine-producing estates and ‘Grand vin’ vineyards.

It’s never easy to develop communication materials for alcoholic beverages, at least in France, because of consumer protection laws and most notably the Evin Law to combat alcoholism.  That said, we found that the laws and regulations surrounding these products actually helped us in some way.  Not only were they consistent with our client’s values, but they forced us to be doubly creative and meticulous so not to infringe upon any regulation! It was a massive challenge and just the kind of thing we love.

Check out the new campaigns designed by our creative teams for these two wines: the red or white Sphère with its ‘fine bulles’ and the full-bodied red Hérésie.