Launch of the Muse food concept for the Europain Trade Show

Launch of the Muse food concept for the Europain Trade Show

The press conference to launch the Europain Trade Show was held during the last week of September. This must-attend event for new bakers in France will be held from January 11th – 14th 2020. It’s an opportunity for us to reveal Muse, our latest food concept. It was developed in partnership with the Cordon Bleu Institute and the Moulin Viron. We’ve been working on this little gem for months now… A 280m2 stand where Olivier Boudot’s team will actually produce and sell their new ‘upcycled’ recipes. We sampled some of them during a visit to the Moulin Viron, accompanied by the Institute’s international students of course. They made chouquettes using beer dregs and mini-cakes using left over croissant pastry (the scraps).

Europain Initiative

GL Event’s initiative is to be applauded as it is both bold and innovative. The event at the Porte de Versailles in January marks a new lease of life for the show. We were asked by GL Event to support the students and teachers at the Cordon Bleu Institute. As well as to design their stand and how it works. Part of the Muse food concept has been revealed… And it will do away with cash desks and use specialist hovering advisors equipped with payment terminals as well as order points for click & collect. It will do away with the glass fronted cool cabinets in favour of self-service mono-product kiosks. It also will reduce packaging to the absolute minimum. And it will  make widespread use of QR codes to provide information on prices, nutritional values, ingredients, allergens, etc.

Muse is a compact multigenerational version of the bakery of the future! It is featuring a responsible menu that only contains seasonal produce that can justifiably be sold in a bakery. Thus it favours use of baguettes as bread for sandwiches, vegetable slices served on bread made from vegetable flours, and less cakes deliberately, etc. But you also won’t find any colour additives or non-natural products. Transparency is indeed the buzz word at Muse.

Muse’s Challenge

The challenge for Muse is to provide breakfast products, healthy snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks through the entire duration of the show. VIP tours will be organized of the production unit, to showcase its smooth operation (in partnership with RestoFranceExperts). Students will encourage visitors to sample breads throughout the day and the food menu will be displayed throughout so that professionals can study our concept at any time of day. A vast programme still lies ahead of us to orchestrate new partnerships and finalise this project to ensure it will see the light of day with the teams from GL Event. Stay tuned for more news.

Production zone: 100m2
Sales zone: 60m2
Sampling zone: 120m2