L’AgroEcoloNomie by Desmazières

L'AgroEcoloNomie by Desmazières

We first met Sylvain Lenglet, a salesman who had just joined Desmazières, the potato seed producer in Arras, 17 years ago. This family business took on a new direction in 2005 following the arrival of a new Dutch shareholder, Agrico.  We have done much work with Pierre Desmazières and his team: we have undertaken many projects, come up with names for new potato varieties, created new identities, etc.  But recently, Desmazières has decided to expand its activities into a new field and develop its own agriculture ecological agronomics concept called  “AgroEcoloNomie”. 

We helped the team (27 people today) to prepare their annual event.  As one of the leading potato suppliers, they welcomed over 350 people on 25th June to look at and take in their first field trials for their new potato varieties. Work on this major change, designed to take into account of ecological and climate changes, was started over ten years ago.  Yes, it takes ten years to develop new potato varieties, to test them in different conditions and different soils (Desmazières manages a network of 188 producers, accounting for 4000 hectares of plantations, 52 of which are organic).       

We produced a graphic identity and communication tools including a video presenting the « agroEcoloNomie « concept (i.e. applying agronomics to ecological models to create viable ecological agronomic crops). This 7-minute video was played on a giant screen inside a barn decorated especially for the event. We also advised Desmazières on the staging of the event, which was a major success for this European potato producer.