Gourmet cubes and the BPI France

Gourmet cubes and the BPI France

Saveur à Kroquer was founded in 2004 by a couple of home-baking enthusiasts. They passed on their passion for good food to their daughter Johanna. So much so that she has caught the baking bug.

After obtaining a CAP in patisserie and working for renowned establishments, she decided to take over the business with her mother and add an extra third dimension to its products!! A number of transformations were made to the lab. It was in order to accommodate the new shaped sweet and savoury creations. And make way for the new cake moulds on the firm’s stainless steel work surfaces.

What’s new in the cubes world ?

At last, a number of large and small, healthy, cube-shaped snacks and treats are ready to market. They can be used for breakfast, with coffee, to enjoy as desert, for tea, nibbles to go with drinks and buffet food…

We conducted a BPI France Design Diagnostic to help this family to restructure and position its offer and prepare for the future.

For the time being, this year end, their brand design and communication tools have been put on hold as the focus is on getting products out. It’s important to make and deliver these beautiful cubes. So, help them by creating a buzz around you, by proposing these fresh or frozen products to your BtoB partners. We’ll be right behind you!

Contact : contact@saveurs-a-kroquer.fr