Architecture is the physical formalisation in which a brand expresses itself: spaces and traffic, merchandising, signage, lighting, sound, the place of the human being and the associated service, everything converges towards the story we want to tell. We conceive our spaces as functional translations of a brand’s DNA, and also as a tool for your business model.

Creation of shops, restaurants or corners, with or without a lab, in all sectors (retail or interior design). We carry out the design and construction of sites with our architectural partners in Paris, France and Shenzen (China).

If you ask yourself these questions – what planning for the design and construction of the site, what are the standards and regulations for a catering trade, how to deal with facades, what is a project manager, what is site monitoring and who should do it, how to check handicap access – it is because you have a challenge to entrust to us, so let’s meet to discuss it.