Do you know cross-pollinating lunches ?

Do you know pollinator lunches ?

The principle of our cross-pollinating lunches is to invite two people who do not know each other for lunch to network, discover professions, see the business interactions that we can have together…

The cross-pollinating lunches

During 1h30 around a table made by chef Cyril, from Sylvie Amar & Partners ! We are following the example of our friends the bees, who have been honored in our greetings card in 2018. Remember the agency’s totebag ! And if you’re not aware of it, you see it on our social networks walking around the world… Tt reminds me of a French movie with a garden gnome, don’t you? #sylvieamarpartners

Social Networking

Let’s start over, cross-pollinating lunches keep the principles of hives : a network of experts who work together, in project mode, to create nectar. For 22 years, our agency has been operating like this and continues to do so, signing every year new stores projects, brands, foodconcepts building loyalty since some of our customers have been coming to see us for 17 years !


We evolve with these leaders and their strategy, we expand (or not !) the circle of our experts to meet market demands and to our vision of their brand. Only tailor-made projects, just like cross-pollinating lunches ! We let the month of August pass and we start again in September…

Wish you a beautiful summer for all the bees.