Click & Collect from Michelin-star chefs

Click & Collect from Michelin-star chefs

Since the first lockdown, the Agency has had to rethink its ‘restaurant’ offer and more especially the possibility for customers to enjoy a restaurant experience at home. How can you replace the team that usually welcome you, that explains the menu, the chef’s philosophy and items that you are not familiar with, through a digital interface?  How can you recreate that beautiful table décor, the atmosphere, service, personal attention from the maître D, through packaging?  How can you see if guests have finished and enjoyed their dishes, through a post-dinner questionnaire?  How do you make additional sales of wines or digestifs?  How do you leave a tip, not for the service, but for the delivery driver?  But more especially, how do you communicate your DNA and personality, that customer experience that was so sought after from Michelin-star chefs in a click & collect, or food delivery?  Our mission has been to advise, come up with bespoke designs, create the right tools quickly and deal with the issues faced by each restaurant.   This is what we’ve done for several brands  so far.  Let’s take a closer look at what we did for Paris’ master stock maker.


We set up a take away solution for chef William Ledeuil and his three restaurants consisting of meals you can ‘cook/prepare’ at home as well as take away food that is ‘ready to eat’.  We created some illustrations for one of the solutions and a system of colour-coded stickers to help guests recognize the different ingredients.  For the ‘heat/assemble/eat’ option, customers are provided with a guide on the right techniques to use, without needing any specific technical skills, since that side has already been taken care of.


For years, we have been designing bespoke packaging.  Therefore, we have extensive knowledge of the different materials, their recyclability, place of manufacture and how pollutant they are, or are not.  (For those who don’t know, last year, we designed the PlanetScore® tool for one of our clients, for rating materials). We worked with William Ledeuil’s teams to shortlist packaging by material and their ecological properties, before asking the chef to make a final informed decision.  We favoured use of glass, cardboard and kraft paper.


The packaging was the final element of the identity we created for these three restaurants and their culinary VIPs.

So for all you living in the Greater Paris region, think click & collect! It’s just as good  by William Ledeuil, we checked it out of course and loved it!


Our vision: these delivery or take-away solutions will soon generate a whole new revenue stream for our restauranteurs. It will take the French a little while yet to adapt to this new service and we believe that restauranteurs still need to fine-tune their recipes to be truly compatible with a delivery service, we’ll need bike or scooter crash tests and also of course home reheating solutions!  Soon, the return of glass or porcelain containers will become  commonplace.  There are already some new startups in this field.  To be closely followed.