Bayard potatoes

Bayard potatoes

We continue to produce new communication tools for the Maison Bayard, a potato producer based in the Hauts de France since 1910.

These new tools are part of the brand strategy we developed in 2017.  The brand repositioning we developed at that time was planned for implementation a few years down the line.

Sylvie Amar has always managed art direction for Maison Bayard, so their brand materials have a consistent look that has been cascaded throughout all their communications tools and packaging.

In 2019 and 2020, the Agency designed the graphics for the potato net bags with assistance from illustrator Marcel, in ‘Use’ (mash, chips, steamed…) selections.  These potato nets are already in stores and the new 10kg and 12.6kg boxes will soon be found in BtoB outlets.

This month, we have just finished producing a press pack and corporate brochure for Maison Bayard as well as new recipes from chefs that we regularly issue on postcards.

These incude:

  • A lobster and potato pie concocted by Stéphane Collet using the ‘Andéan Sunside‘,
  • A gourmet salad  by Cyril Mouret using the ‘Gourmandine‘,
  • A sumptuous soup by Frédéric Anton using the ‘MonaLisa’,
  • A seafood flavoured ‘Juliette des Sables‘ by François Gagnaire,
  • And a ceviche by Juan Arbelaez using the ‘Double Fun‘.

Isn’t that wonderful inspiration for eating these French potatoes!