ACLV, rabbit meat

ACLV, rabbit meat

We are very proud to showcase our latest creations for ACLV, the producers of rabbit meat.  This adventure all started when we submitted a tender during the first lockdown.

When we say that our teams work in project mode to remain more flexible and work with the best and most appropriate experts on each project, we really mean it.  This project is the perfect example of this unique type of collaboration.  I would like to express huge thanks to all our worthy partners.

The ACLV Group, based in Vendée has specialized in producing rabbit meat for the past 30 years.

This team is truly excellent on every level: firstly, for its knowledge of the product and rules of the business, for respecting animal welfare, for preserving the full flavor of the meat and for making themselves available to answer our constant stream of questions at a very difficult time.  Not only did we mobilize all our teams on this brand identity project, but so did they.  And, when you’re the benchmark rabbit meat producer, specialized in supplying butchers, delicatessens and retail, it’s not always easy to understand the ins and outs of brand design.

We were tasked with modernizing four of the group’s brands: the corporate brand and three commercial brands (one for the BtoB market and two for BtoC).

This project was successful thanks to the involvement of people from the Group at every level, in fact, it helped to improve the result.

Take a look at the picture gallery of the ACLV, Le Magistral and Le Prince de Vendée brands modernized by the Agency.  These designs were further strengthened by the consolidation of the brand platform by Sébastien Navarre, who was an essential part of our new FoodDesign service. This project is the first from the FoodDesign team and certainly won’t be the last, as those of you who follow us on LinkedIn already know.