A new identity for innovative Greendoz products


Brand strategy – packaging – identity – writing

Those of you who keep track of our activities, will undoubtedly remember our partnership with the IdFood – Ile de France competition and the Greendoz vegetable-based flours. It was a magical idea concocted by two clever dieticians. They devised simple, healthy products exclusively from green vegetable and leguminous plant-based flours.

You can use these flours every day in your sweet or savoury dishes instead of wheat flour. To help this innovative product (which was awarded three prizes this year by various food professionals and institutions), find its place on our shelves and be approved for sale by multiple distributors, we have given the brand a complete makeover – a new logo, new baseline, a colourful visual identity and brand book. The range comprises four different products.

These magical pink, orange, green and white flours will help you eat more green produce than ever. Greendoz is a great way to incorporate vegetables into your daily diets without even realising it. Simply follow in our footsteps and try these flours out at home. Oh! And, don’t forget to share the pictures of your creations with us.