20 years old !

20 Years old !

We officially inaugurated our new premises, which have now been fully fitted out, rue coquillière in the heart of Paris’ 1st district between Les Halles, the Louvre and the Palais Royal, which is renowned for gastronomy.
We had to install new equipment to keep pace with our studio’s most recent activities, and full embrace the global design approach.
Our oval dining room, for example, doubles up as:
• a photography and video studio with seamless backdrop,
• a dining room for testing food or tableware products,
• a room for meetings or workshops fully fitted with a slide projector.
It also contains a huge selection of crockery and other styling accessories for on-site shoots.

Our professional kitchen is equipped with a Bourgeois combi oven (with built in heat probe and USB port), Matfer induction hob, a vacuum packer, a Comenda washing machine and a refrigerated table. The kitchen is managed by our in-house chef Cyril Mouret. We are proud to say that we are one of the few global design studios with our own in-house chef! This means that
-we can prepare our own food for photo shoots on the premises,
-produce sweet and savoury creations,
-design menus for new restaurants,
-adapt/modify or fine-tune recipes and product sheets (to revise portion costs, select products or suppliers for the hotel and restaurant trade)
-or create customised fine grocery products. And all this in central Paris!
In our new studio, we both develop and implement brand strategies. Today, it’s a must-have agile process required to resolve modern day challenges. Our team includes an interior decorator, two architects, a marketing expert and a brand strategist. Plus, of course, a network of photographers, designers, graphic artists, pastry chefs and baristas.
For the past 3 years, over half our business has come from brand strategy development. It was high time we acquired new premises to fully integrate these new activities.

Now that we are 20 years old, our focus is not so much on growth but on developing mature processes and fine-tuning our activities. So, to highlight these changes, we invited our clients, new contacts and suppliers to discover our new activities over a two day period. We welcomed over a hundred people, taking time to talk to everyone and a little time to take some happy snaps. Here’s a panorama of our inauguration event. A big thank you to Champagnes Collet and Billecart Salmon, to Oshoboris de CabImpression as well as to Pierre Chariol who presented his wine at this event, the Château de Lescours, near Saint Emilion. Have a great summer!

With Dorothé Colin, Catherine Avignon, Olivier Dardilly, Arnaud Buisson, Eric Nardin, Pascale Cassat, Remy Lucas, Dorothée Bourget, Sylvie et Philippe Bouliet, Guillaume Erblang-Rotaru, Thierry Drecq, Jean-Charles Schamberger, Jean-Jacques Volberg, Isabelle Mouriès, Sylvie et Jean-Paul Nadaud, Nathalie Guelton, Catherine Sauzède, Hélène Binet, Mélodie Braka, Hélène Samuel, Aurélie Ojel, Sophie Lamigeon, Sophie Komaroff, Jean-Luc Fessard, Eric Chevreuil, Michel Jamaux, Alain Zaghbouni, Stéphane Lejosne, Charles Doremus, Julien Chilou, Alice et Aude Coville, Chantal Loïal, Paul Amar et Pierre Chariol pour le vin/ for the wine !